Tuesday, January 27, 2004

so i've watched most of the FF7:AC trailers i could find... the leaked, techtv, jump fest, etc. and all i wanna know is how 2yrs after the end of FF7 the story became a gothic opera? truth be told, i've never been crazy about the life-like FF characters/games. i like my FF more on the cutesy, animated side of things... like FF7. but in the upcoming (highly anticipated?) sequel, our beloved spikey haired cloud strife and his nemesis sephiroth both look like fetish night out @Exit Chicago.

at the end of the jumpfest trailer it suggests that aeris is somehow resurrected. that and all the gloomy visuals is a goth opera in the making. wtf? FF7 was cheery upbeat (besides the obvious death scene and maybe when vincent rises from the coffin) so why the dark turn for the sequel? i wish i could say that i will reserve judgment until i see it but...

np: asa chang & junray - "Jun Ray Song Chang"

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