Monday, January 05, 2004

happy new tears 2004! wow, the blogger server is actually runnin' on all pipes for a change... wasnt able to view it from home for a few days. that wasn't cool.

ok, here's the goodies waiting for me after that extended time away from the biz digs:

Blues Harp (Takashi Miike)
Party 7 (Katsuhito Ishii)
Gojoe (Sogo Ishii)
Mouse (anime)

Figure King (Dec 03 w/toy premium)
Hyper Hobby (Dec 03 w/toy premium)
Dengeki Hobby (Dec 03 w/toy premium)
Toy King 013
Toy King 004

1/6 Stray Dog Kerberos Panzer Cop

nice haul. since i was either out or entertaining during the entire holiday (everyday, 4 days straight) i haven't had much of a chance to check out any of my new things. however, i did unwrap the Panzer Cop and he's the sweetest 12" figure i have (ok, maybe tied w/the creature). and my version has the light-up eyes which is totally boss. btw, i'm done w/zoocube (givin' it to flounder); i'm now hacking thru starcraft. so old school.

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