Sunday, March 28, 2004

The Dark Side of climbing the Corporate Ladder

so last night i go out w/my boss' sister-in-law... ok, so it wasn't quite like that. actually we, jen & i, were chaperoned by my boss and one of his friends. it was one of those "let's all go out together and hang out" kinda deals where i'm supposed to make nice w/the sister-in-law b/c my boss' wife thinks we'd hit it off. sure. why not. i'm a gamer.

well it wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been. actually it wasn't bad at all but it wasn't great either. first off, jen was nothing like i had imagined having known my boss' wife for a long time. jen is sorta like a indie chick with the nerdy glasses, Chucks and a geeked personality to match. we went to a sports bar to play pool and apparently billards is her thing... as in, what she lives for. fact: she's in a pool league and enters tournaments out in Cali.

ok, it was kinda freaky.

jen sizes up her shoti chided her all evening about being in a pool league and i dunno if she got my humor in it. she really takes that shit seriously; she was perturbed that some guys there brought their own sticks... so she challenged them each to game (and won 2 out of 3). sadly the atmosphere didn't provide much beyond pool talk the entire time. i doled out my share of "oh really?" and "that's interesting" responses and that was the extent of it. the evening was just there. i'm sure things might have gone differently had pool not been the center of discussion and had we not been surrounded by pool tables. ah well, she seems like a cool chick all geekiness aside.

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