Tuesday, March 09, 2004

NYC already seems like a blur... almost as though the week never happened but it was all just a dream. weird. work is reaching the pinnacle of stress and i fear some dark days on the horizon... to quote melora, "I see the bad moon arising/I see trouble on the way..." yep, looks like we’re in for nasty weather. speaking of Rasputina, they're coming back to chicago again next month! damn, that's 3 years in row... and if i hit that show (sadly a HoB show) i think that'd be my 5th or 6th raspy show in the last 3 years. crazy. can't pass on them tho... they rock the cellos.

Brides of Destruction were cool on Leno last night... altho, how they got on there baffles me. picked up their debut CD today at worst buy and it's great but not long enough. only 5 bucks tho (w/reward cert!). also grabbed the freebie Hellboy sneak preview DVD and whoa, the flick looks slick. also caught the trailer ad during American Idol tonight of all places... opens April 2. finally a theater movie i'm really looking forward to... not to mention Dawn of the Dead (redux) on March 19!

acquisitions today:
Brides of Destruction - "Here Come the Brides" CD
Dawn of the Dead divimax re-release DVD
The Young Ones: Every Stoopid Episode 3-disc set DVD-B
Lumière et compagnie DVD-B (thanks, phixed!)

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