Monday, March 29, 2004

the Wolfsheim show @the metro was pretty good last night. better than expected considering by the time i headed to the show i couldn't have cared less as to whether i went or not. probably has a lot to do w/me not listening to EBM/synthpop/goth lately. but it's been a while since i've been to one of these shows so it was nice to get back to it and see a few familiar faces, incl. my industrial dancing friend sporting his trademark black skirt.

Hungry Lucy was on when i arrived. two words to describe them: boring. good time to crowd watch. standard Neo-type vampire crowd. lots of PVC, makeup, and platform boots. a few 16th century eastern European swordsmen and at least one Queen Amidala on hand. the usual scene.

note to fat ppl: i'm sorry but it's not flattering to see you squeezed into skin tight shiny black plastic. it also appears that cloves and raggedy ann hair are no closer to extinction. thankfully i have my organizer to pass the time until Wolfsheim.

10:23PM Wolfsheim fires up and the crowd is psyched. they sound great and now I'm actually happy I came down for the show. no thumping zzintz zzintz zzintz so i don't get see my friend kick into his wild industrial dance but near him was a seriously smoking scene-grrl... black cat specs, goth-a-billy ponytail, ribbed jersey knit sweater, etc. but an overall very subdued look. perfect really. i think she works somewhere i've been... bar, record shop or book store. she was in my line of sight most of the evening so it was nice. 11:55PM show/over - stalker-mode/off.

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