Sunday, March 14, 2004

the weekend recap:

so i don't even remember friday nite altho i probably watched a lot of techtv... saturday swung errands to TRU (not really an errand but they have the new Xevoz Stifkas on sale so i picked up a few -- very, very cool!), randhurst mall, and finally wal-mart to get the tubs to store all my shelved toys. skipped Quang Hong's last monkey business gallery show that night in lieu of watching more techtv incl. Starwoids which i had never seen (documentary on Star Wars fans centered around those waiting in line back in '99 for the Phantom Menace). i probably should've went to see Quang instead. oh yeah, i went to the office *to work* for about 4 hours late saturday and i purchased my first PDA online before i went home.

oh shit. check out the trailer for the live action Casshern flick!

Today was festive. up early to watch ebert and his thumb magic. sped off to gurnee mills to look for more clearanced micros and that damned elusive 8" Hellboy figure. caught the 1st matinee of RotK at 12:30pm and the theater was packed. the flick opened 3 months ago and is still in the projected top 10 box office for the weekend... testament to a truly great film. altho way too many ppl sobbing in the theater... movie done so i signed up for Gamestop membership and dropped $40 on used anime DVDs. got home in time for a quick rest before the Sopranos. time-tracked work for 3 hours afterwards then watched last weeks CSI (wow, a-girl just called to tell me she just got done seeing Robot Stories in LA and met w/one of the stars, Tamlyn Tomita - yum!). gonna finish the night w/ep.7 of Gunslinger Girl and prepare for black monday by trying not to think about. 'night.

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