Wednesday, March 31, 2004

sometimes "creative" are too creative for their own good. last night our lead creative designer sent around his early april fools joke: a web site with a neverending pop-up exclaiming "you are an idiot" over and over. funny.

not really. when my popup-blocker intervened it fried and my system was toast. i discovered today that it wiped out my entire windows explorer thus disabling my PC until 3 sys restores and a XP repair and boot disc. 2hrs benchtime. the apology i got was:

"I thought force-quitting an application from the Task Manager was common knowledge and didn't think a javascript popup window would do any harm."

no shit? task manager huh? damn, so that's what it's for... all these years and had no idea i could open the task manager to shut down an app. call me learned. perfect cap to a lunch hour spent with too many cockwads on the road. after almost bursting a vessel from that to come back to a wrecked PC... ain't supposed to be like that. fuck it. i'm going home early. /done.

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