Tuesday, March 30, 2004

spent good portions of these last 2 days exorcizing demons at the office (a.k.a. rearranging our workspace after our recent round of lay-offs). I have more workspace room now than I've ever had... incl. those dark days in WI. now we're talking about firing up the LAN gaming again. about damn time.

I could see it coming... Elsa was expendable on Gunslinger Girl. once she was introduced into the series I had wondered why I haven't seen a wallpaper of her (when I have a nice set of all the other girls). but once her icy disposition was explained, it become apparent she was only introduced to be killed off. I won't go into the exact details b/c I don't know them all (up to ep.10) but I'm fairly certain as to what transpired.

In other news I'm almost ashamed to admit: I'm currently watching the live action Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series. Ashamed only b/c for oh so long I ripped on the Sailor Moon cartoon (yes, it's an anime but when it was exported over here it clearly became another crummy kids 'toon). but the live action series is a whole other animal... ok, so it's as campy as Power Rangers but since I'm watching the current run from CBC TV it's so culturely (is that a word?) different and intriguing, albeit rather silly. I swear it has nothing to do with the cast of cute girls. honest. ^_^

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