Thursday, March 25, 2004

End of Evangelion.
the beginning of the endso just when you think it can't get any more fucked up, it gets more fucked up. i sat there stunned for most of the 2nd half (ep26v2)... with my jaw on my lap. i sorta thought i had a handle on the original series but the EoE has dispensed of all that. i'm not sure what to think anymore.

i went back to the beginning (ep25v2) and turned on the English dub to see if they captured the same dialogue... and i killed it after a few minutes then skipped ahead to ep26v2 and killed it again after a few minutes. i really detest the English dub (no offense to the voice over talent). for whatever reason it just doesn't convey the same tone and gravity of the series, IMHO.

a nice addition to the DVD is the commentary, which i wish the series set had. they share some interesting insights about the whole thing and the initial reactions from when it was first presented at anime cons around the country. i need to hook trukpro up w/the eps he still hasn't seen so he can check out EoE. he'll flip with this one. same goes for raydeen... and anyone else who has only seen the series episodes. now i have to catch the director's cut of eps 23+24. i think the finale of EoE made me physically ill. was either that or the spider maki i ate while i was watching it.

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