Friday, May 07, 2004

caught the midnight showing of Van Helsing last night. to coin a Sonny Chiba phrase, it was almost good. went w/p@st0r and backwoods rob. i think we all felt the same way when the movie finally skidded to a halt around 20 after 2 this morning... it _was_ wildly entertaining if not totally retarded and so completely over the top. saw the digital print @Streets on the DLP screen so visually it was stunning and the audio was incredible. but it's a hard flick to categorize...

it's like some Rocky Horror Wizard of Oz crossed w/a queer Jawa Sandcrawler/Willy Wonka factory staged in 19th century Romania. add a rip of Amer.WWinLondon/Howling and toss in a cup of Stripe gremlins, a dash of X-men, 1 C3-PO/Q (w/a pinch of James Bond for added measure), and scratched Mel Brooks dialogue. bake for $170mil and pray. it's like laying a turd in a studio then overproducing it to make somewhat palatable for the masses. but turds can still be fun, esp. if they're effeminate and walk on the ceiling.

entertaining, yes. ridiculous, natch. i'll probably own it someday... actually i'm sure of it. i still have the madlove for kate who raises her hot-o-meter another level in Helsing. yum. maybe i'll catch it in the theater again. i haven't laughed that hard @the movies in a long time.

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