Sunday, May 09, 2004

ok, so blogger decides to unveil an entirely new dashboard for blogging this weekend. thanks, it sucks. what exactly was wrong w/the last dashboard? i hope there's a feature in there that allows bloggers to revert back to the old dashboard b/c i hate this one!

after 10hrs doing the graduation thing w/p@st0r yesterday i was wiped. i think i crashed around 3AM. damn early for me. and it was a struggle to stay up that late. the grad ceremony and post-celebration was kewl times w/all company present. he graduated magna cum laude w/Masters of Divinity (M-Div, they call it). wild night hearing a lot of various religion talk. thank god, yes, that i brought my GB... cranked several levels while there. p@st0r and sal leave for San Paulo, Brazil tomorrow night for 10-day vacation @a private beach house. sucks to be them.

so nothing great on mom's day today... mom out visiting my sister in RC (who is a new mom herself) so i had the day off. no cards, no flowers. just a phonecall. i can live w/that. so i hit the library for a couple of holds then took in the twilight of KBv2 (b/c i wanted to see it on the bigscreen just 1 more time - it fucking roxx - capt'n satan is right: Pai Mei rules!).

picked up a much needed 64-disc wallet@worstbuy for my anime dvdRs and headed over to shit-mart. sry but i feel like i'm in some kind of twisted amusement park in a 3rd world country whenever i hit the wallieworld in Niles/Skokie. English must be the 4th or 5th language spoken there and everyone is just sooooo excited to shop in there. sad. grabbed some bulk chopsticks at Cub Foods and stopped in my fave Chinese take-out on the way home for the grand underwhelming Survivor finale. yawn.

Horrorpops - "Hell Yeah!"

Ninja Scroll The Series vol 1 ($9!)
Babel II Rise of Poseidon vol 2 ($4.50!)

Pokemon Silver ($12!)

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