Sunday, May 16, 2004

today was a long day of running errands and shopping for a bunch of shit i really don't need but wanted anyway. you know how it is... anyways, i returned the faulty link cable and got a brand new MadCatz universal link cable as well as Pokemon Blue and a GB Color. total was $29.

at Randhurst i nabbed the first 2 issues of Micronauts (the new comic series), a minimates x-men 2-pack figure set on sale for $1.74, and the used DVD "My Wife is a Gangster" 2-disc set for $13. that was a nice find as i've been wanting that for a while now.

popped into TRU and walked out w/a huge bag of toys that ran me $16. bunch of on-sale crap but cool stuff nevertheless incl. half a dozen pokemon beanies for 50 cents each. stopped in couple of blockbusters and a hollywood video but didn't find anything i didn't already have. finally made it to Deer Park to get a Biaggi's gift cert for my mom (the real reason for my trip) and headed home after a quick stop in traders for organic milk.

after my weekly fruit purchase @joe caputo's i went home to figure out the trading thing w/pokemon. discovered a half-assed played game on the Blue cart but several pokemon that i needed. so i spent some time working on that getting ready for the trade... all that while i finally watched Donnie Darko (b/c capt'n satan and raydeen talked so much about it!).

finally pulled the trigger on 6 trades... and freaked when it was done b/c i no idea how to end the session and thought i was wiping the entire current game from Blue cart. turns out i didn't. just wasn't clear on the whole thing. and that's where i'm at now so i must get back to it! fuck, i wish tomorrow wasn't monday.

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