Sunday, May 23, 2004

frustrated w/my progress in Yellow & Blue, i sought out a Red cart today and started a new game from scratch. i thought it would all work out... trade over some modest heavy hitters and cakewalk thru Red. wrong.

doesn't work that way. as a new trainer w/no experience, you have zero control over traded pkm. regardless of level. so it's rather a waste until you achieve the cascadebadge. but at least now that i know what i'm doing i was able to clear the first 2 badges in less than half the time it took me to get the 1st badge in Yellow.

when i picked up the Red cart, i also scored a couple of great used DVD finds: Ninja Scroll the Series vol2 and the 2-disc Director's Cut of Cyborg 009, both for $9/each. killer. i've been wanting the latter for a while but haven't seen a used price below $25.

made my first caipirinha tonight and it turned out ok. p@st0r and sally came over last night bearing gifts from Brazil which was all stuff to make and drink caipirinhas. so we made a pitcher of it last night and watched movies. now that i have half a dozen leftover limes i might as well make 'em on my own. damn tasty too.

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