Saturday, May 15, 2004

friday movie night @capt'n satan's was a smashing success. even more so considering it was on a friday and friday nights are typically the worst nights of the week for me. but we made it work and laughed hysterically for a large part of the night. some truly great & funny gems we watched. i already look forward to the next movie night.

highlights included: Religion & Rock n Roll, City on Fire, Rotten Fruit, Tokyo Godfathers, Ninja Scroll the Series, and Lucky!!!

i actually got some sleep despite closing the evening around 4 or 5AM. i don't remember exactly but i got some sleep. everyone was awake when i got up... nice of them to allow me to sleep. took off for lunch and shopping. picked up a faulty link cable so no pokemon trading. but the lot of us did score a bunch of PVDs from blockbuster. afterwards i had to split to catch a nap before heading to the metro for the brides show.

got the metro around 7:40 or so and waited for phixed to arrive. at 8PM they started setting up the stage for the brides so i moved up to my usual spot at the far left side (nikki's side anyways) and phixed showed up shortly after 8. show commenced promptly @8:30 w/ozzy's "diary of a madman" on the PA as Tracii walked onstage afterwhich the rest of the brides took the stage and fired into "shut the fuck up!" awesome.

after 40min or so of doing all their tunes they left the stage for a break only to return and nail a few LA Guns and Crue tunes much to the crowd's delight. at some point during the crue set there was an "incident" involving one of 4th Month's friends... but i'll let phixed tell that one since he saw it all go down.

i must say it was one fucking killer night... one of the best shows i've seen at the metro. i practically lost my voice from screaming and singing. and i was pretty damp at the end which reminded me of the old days. helluva great night!

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