Sunday, May 02, 2004

it's been like one long day that started friday night. i crashed around 6am saturday morning and got up around 1pm or so to prepare for movie night. capt'n got there around 5pm and we took a field trip to mitsuwa where i proceeded to spend more $$$ than i should have. ah well. that happens when i don't frequent there as often as i should (or shouldn't really). plenty of gaijin kids exchanging dollars for quarters to get their DDR fix. now there's another dance arcade there so it's even more chaotic on saturdays getting in and out of j1toy. speaking of j1toy, their inventory and variety continues to grow to sickening proportions! even asahiya bookstore has expanded their dvd selection and now sells a half dozen reg-free players.

picked up the new microman batman (& future bat) and casshern figures, some pokemon trading figs + 3 mags (Figure King and Newtype Live). around $110 total. ack! capt'n took home the latest Hyper Hobby and some 2-for-1 kamen rider trading figures. back @my place we watched Matrix:Reloaded on HBOHD b/c it looked so goddamn fabulous in Hi-Def. "stunning" is an understatement. during that time i managed to destroy a take home and bake pizza so i ordered out. whatever. that sucked. fuckin' mess doesn't describe it. saved by the delivery guy.

even 1 man short, we had a successful movie night! i'm happy to report that capt'n finally saw Kill Bill v1 and loved it (as i knew he would, dammit!). expect him to buy the DVD soon. ended the evening @5AM w/some "Rotten Fruit" and "Pancakes". heh (he can explain that). Capt'n bailed around 5:30 and i stayed up until 8AM, setting myself up for a miserable Monday @the office, i'm sure. anywho, i only woke up from a nap about an hour ago... looks like a long night ahead. the weekend went fast like it's been one long day. damn. where's my gameboy...

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