Thursday, May 06, 2004

haven't been much interested in bloggin' lately; mainly cuz i've got nothing to blog. jus' lots of pokying (upped machoke to lvl 30 machamp and creeped to lavendar town last night) and watchin' anime/hentai. the usual shit. so nothing to report.... akemi called the other night after she returned from a weekend of Coachella. she said it was cool but a lot of sound problems. go figure.

jus' got back from watchin' the big red crane across the way (abbott bldg), catercorner from our office. sdriver, phixed and i headed over to the park and watched the crane as the boxer ran circles around us. sdriver called the crane company to ask them why there was a 100ft crane out there and how much it cost to rent it ($800/hr). nice day crane watching... overcast, about 80 degrees. i think i'll head over to mitsuwa now.

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