Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dark Lord Day!!

Finally the day is upon us: Dark Lord Day!!
I'd love to write up an extensive post on this amazing day but I think I may save that for my beer blog on posterous. You can read more about the day over at the Three Floyds Official DLD site. Imagine 6000 beer geeks assembled at Three Floyds Brewery sharing, imbibing and celebrating beer. Having been to many beer festivals, there really isn't anything to compare to the atmosphere you'll find at Dark Lord Day. Sure, GABF may be a better event but for a one day beer release party, you'd be hard pressed to beat DLD.

Typical table full of beer. There are a dozen+ tables just like this one!

I think I tasted somewhere in the neighborhood of 50+ different craft beers from around the world. Didn't score an exclusive bottle but we did take home an extra 4-pack of standard 2011 Dark Lord that someone left sitting on the ground (?!). Just an amazing day start to finish. Glad my brother and his wife made the trip and joined in the excitement this event exudes. Already looking forward to next year!

  • April New: 31
  • April Re-watch: 8
  • April '11 Total: 39
  • April '10 Total: 68
  • 2011 Total: 268

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