Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Freaks Rule the Streets

Headed down to The Music Box Theater for New Cult Canon double feature with guest Alex Winter. Was stoked to finally see Michael Winner's Death Wish 3 (1985) on the big screen. Such a hilarious mess of a film that can only be seen to be believed. Bronson returns with a serious vengeance and big gun. Glorious. 7.5 / 10

That was followed by an extensive Q&A with Alex Winter that included some memorable responses and insight. He's such a great dude. Then we were treated to a screening of Freaked (1993), a weird film directed by Winter and Tom Stern. I only had vague memories of this but always enjoyed its quirky comedy and such an ensemble cast (Brooke Shields, Bill Sadler, Deep Roy, Morgan Fairchild, Randy Quaid, et al). Great to see this again. 6.5 / 10

Overall this was a nice re-introduction to New Cult Canon at The Music Box. Glad I could make this event.

  • April New: 22
  • April Re-watch: 7
  • April '11 Total: 29
  • April '10 Total: 68
  • 2011 Total: 258

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