Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peace in Plastic

Due to all the Wes Craven chatter on Twitter (ex. "what's his best film?"), I decided I needed to revisit The Hills Have Eyes (1977), a film a barely remember from my childhood. Actually I recalled so little of it I don't even count this as a rewatch. In fact, Michael Berryman is the only thing I do remember. Glad to see this as it really is a terrific horror film and definitely up there as Craven's better work. 7 / 10

Now that Marwencol (2010) is on Netflix Instant Watch I knew I had to view this with all the buzz over the last year. Had no idea what to expect outside of the book and images I've seen online (photos of 1/6 G.I. Joe action figures arranged in a static action scene). Kinda thought it might be a stopmo film but it's not. Rather it's a very poignant documentary about the struggles of Mark Hogancamp after he was violently beaten outside a bar and now finds solace in this fantasy world of action figures. Incredible film. 8 / 10

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