Tuesday, December 30, 2003

one thing i like about being out of the office for an extended amt of time is returning to a pile of packages w/my name on them.

waiting for me yesterday after the xmas holiday were:

Once Upon a Time in the West (special edition)
Battlestar Galactica (re-release)
China Mafia War (Takashi Miike)
Graveyard of Honor (Takashi Miike)
Perfect Blue (live action)

Psychotica - "Pandemic"
Ena - "Pink Gift"
Scarling - "Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole" EP

(the best gifts are always the ones i order for myself)

monday wasn't all good; i rec'd a citation for not having a city sticker on my car while i popped in the library to renew a book. 80 bucks. thanks.

so i own 5 of DVDTalk's top 20 DVDs of 2003. yay for me. also i've nabbed 5 titles of 10 of their top ten anime releases of the year. check the list -- there's some great stuff. unbeknownst to me (until now) there's a scheduled domestic release of Godzilla GMK and DVDTalk already has the early DVD review! i just recently picked up the region 3 import DVD and it's pretty cool 'cept Godzilla is the big bad.

I quote: "A word to parents: In this movie Godzilla is evil."

the domestic release of So Close was also reviewed and it sounds like this release isn't any better than the import i picked over the summer. however this edition retails around $20; mine cost $7. regardless, it's a damn fun flick. i highly recommend it!

oh btw, i once again smashed my previous high score on zoocube. gotta get off that game!

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