Monday, June 21, 2004

the clean and neat weekend wrap up:

forced myself to crash early friday to get up early saturday and on the road home to visit my folks. got there around 1PM saturday, the earliest i've ever arrived on a saturday. got the free car wash per usual, went to the house and fired up the 1st of 8 loads of laundry (where does it come from?!). split for 2 hours to hit the usual spots. picked up a couple more cheapie ($12/both) anime DVDs at a Gamestop and a Crystal Pokemon cart. i haven't seen Crystal at any store around my area of the NW burbs. however, this one Gamestop in davenport, iowa had 5 on hand. it was $18. also had a horrible experience at DICK's sporting goods store... basically a customer service issue but i'll never ever shop there again. see how that works, fuckers? yeah, they burned me for good.

dinner and a movie w/the folks. watched Miracle, the Disney/Kurt Russell feel-good about the US Hockey team beating the Ruskie's @the Olympics in '80. same formula we've seen in countless flicks... however at least this really happened. recommended if you are needing to get your "U-S-A! U-S-A!" jones on. also recommended for hockey and soccer fans. fathers day b-fast and a few heavy lifting chores for my stepmom and i was out of there by 1AM yesterday. amazing. i figured i'd be there until early evening for sure but my dad insisted on working on fathers day. ah well.

got back to dp, unpacked the laundry then left to buy meat. lots of meat. that's right, i started the 14-day induction phase on saturday. no carbs for 2 weeks. the withdrawal headache i carried all weekend was not pleasant. we'll see how this goes...

day 3: wt.186lb

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