Friday, June 18, 2004

kanna! the temps around chicago are dropping for the weekend... i like this weather. had a 2 hour "discussion" w/one of my supes this afternoon over drinks @the Beacon. it went better than i expected however i'm still not satisfied w/his "solution" for adequate compensation and incentive retention. let's try marketplace adjustment for starters... i work in the hottest online industry at the moment - Search. however, one look at my paystub you wouldn't know it. and what about the 2 guys under me? christ. as much as i like them and want them here working w/me i secretly desire one of them to give the big F-U and walk. then we'll see how interesting things get when they try to find a replacement...

i'm headed to my hometown this weekend to visit the folks and do laundry. hope they are getting the same kind of weather!



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