Friday, June 25, 2004

it's actually around 1AM but it's still Friday as far as i'm concerned. and it's been one long mothereffing day. this morning i had a 2 hour meeting w/the principles, co-CEOs, re: the issues i brought up 1 week prior. turned out all for the good. besides getting my move to smoggy LA shelved for 6 months, i got nice raise and 50k of stock options. the stock options i knew about; the raise i did not expect... or at least not the increase i rec'd. it was healthy and favorable. at least now if any other company comes a callin' they'd have to offer a significant amt to get me to switch sides. and that's all i was wanting.

after work i split for Deerfield to help past0r and erica move to their new digs in Highland Park. it wasn't so bad but we worked late to get it all done in one swoop. late dinner and good conversation to follow... finally home. and all tuckered out. i'm headed for bed soon... i can barely keep my eyes open.

day 7: wt.186lb

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