Tuesday, June 22, 2004

so last night was the White Sox game w/Lisa, my other champaign-urbana friend. we see each other about once a year and usually it's a ballgame. back in '99 or '00 we had the sweetest seats for a Cubs game (thanks to her cousin who worked for the Cubs then). our seats were basically on the field, a few steps from 1st base. it was sick really.

anyways, i booked out of work early so we could hit the L and get down there at a reasonable time. wouldn't ya know it, on the ride down i got 2 calls from a couple principles at work... truly no rest for the wicked. it was pissing rain all day so i was thinkin' that the game was gonna get called but it turned out to be a great evening weather-wise. Sox lost.kanna photo of the day!

i realized over the course of the night that Lisa and I, despite being from the same hometown and going to HS together, couldn't be farther apart in every other way. and it seems that w/each passing year we're more and more different from each other. we're sitting there talking away and the whole time i'm thinking, "hmm, we're talking but it's meaningless." and truth be told, she wasn't even really interested in talking to me, rather one of her teacher friends instead. it was like going thru the motions. weird b/c i always thought us to be good friends (i don't have many friends left from HS days)... then i discovered she wanted to be "more than friends". when i snuffed out that flame sometime a couple years ago i think that's when everything changed. bizarre shit.

[old school] kanna photo of the day!->

day 4: wt.186lb

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