Sunday, June 27, 2004

well it's been one helluva a decent-ass weekend. startin' Friday and ending tonight on the same high note w/dinner @red robin w/past0r & erica. yesterday was immensely cool hittin' the 3PM showing of F9/11 in Batavia w/Capt'n Satan and Raydeen w/dinner and movies to follow; Bad(der) Santa, Truck Turner, Greatest Teenage Challenge, & Double Vision. Up this morning to play w/the kids then head for lunch @IHOP. booked to the Rosemont L-stop as fast as traffic would allow to get Raydeen on the train then home only to bike ride to the library to get some borrows back in time. freshened up before headin' north to p&e's old digs to pick up a few books (a whole damn box full!) they were throwin' out that i forgot to grab Friday. some good stuff in there too! bought us some fine dinner, parted ways and off to the BB for the dvd exchange then home. damn. i'm wiped and my head is still killin'... i'm gonna have to go for the exederin despite the caffeine content; tylenol ain't cuttin' it. nevertheless it was a worthy weekend indeed.

day 9: wt.187lb

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