Tuesday, June 15, 2004

kanna!my first Bleach import CD arrived yesterday finally ("Three Girls From Okinawa"). i've been savoring some Bleach tunes ever since the night of the SAMURAI show @BottomLounge back in March. to me, they had the biggest impact of all 4 groups that night. and the album i just got indicates how fucking good they are. the crowd reaction at the show was appropriate... Bleach was last on and it was very late on a sunday night; the 3 girls from Okinawa took the stage amid bleary eyes and yawns. as soon as Shukusuke fired up her best Flea bass lick there was a squeal of shock from the audience followed by the thump of a few dozen jaws hitting the floor. it was on.

Bleach seized the show and made you forget everything that happened before them.

and i have major heart for Kanna, lead vox and guitar (pictured). she is un-fucking-believably sexy cool. sadly they were off the stage and out the door before i got a chance to meet them. and they were the only group to not have CDs on sale at the show (huge loss). looks like i'm getting the rest of their CDs via amz.jp. ...mmmmmmmm...

BLEACH official home page!

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