Wednesday, June 30, 2004

an unnatural phenomenon is occurring in my office space at this very moment; both phixed and i are spinning old school *marilyn manson* at the same time. it's freaky. seriously. "ya live with apes, man; it's hard to be clean."

goes w/o saying: Spider-Man 2 rocks. but i can do w/o the goddamned zoo atmosphere at the midnight screenings. funniest part of the pre-screening circus was the woman theater manager coming in our room and telling us that they were doing a midnight screening of "I.Robot" and someone yells really loud "WHO CARES?!" - ok, guess you had to be there. I'll tell you what happens in Spider-Man 3 if you're curious to know and don't want to wait 3 years... it's so obvious it's scary.

day 12: wt.184lb!

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