Saturday, June 12, 2004

to use some outdated lingo, tonight was fun... not.

i just home from driving 2 hours thru a torrential downpour; tornado weather extending all around the west suburbs. left St Charles around 1AM headed for the SW burbs to drop off my college buddy Glenn after visiting w/another friend... and I-88 was like a battlezone w/cars up-ended and turned the wrong way; SUVs upside down on the median. and the most intense lightning i have ever seen. imagine driving no faster than 40mph thru a storm on the interstate simply b/c you cannot see a fucking thing... unless the lightning lights up the sky. fun... not.

great way to wrap up the fuckass day i had down in the city giving a Paid Search presentation to CADM. i won't spell it out b/c i don't care. let's just say it was not what i expected. and i got dehydrated to point of throbbing headache. split out of there on the road out of the city and shitboil tourist traffic only to get on a conference call w/General Motors. ugh. i didn't even bother going back to the office. i needed to chill bigtime and get in a nap before picking up Glenn at O'hare.

the only upsides from the day were the bag of goodies i fetched from Virgin Megastore (man, that place is a shell of its former life) and the good times hangin' w/old friends out in St Charles for a few hours. i need a nap.

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