Friday, March 13, 2009

Gay Commitment to the Chosen One

Was in no rush to see Babylon A.D. but it was sitting on the quick picks shelf at the library so I grabbed it to cross it off the list. It's amazing how Vin Diesel can play the same character in most of his movies. This wasn't as terrible as I expected (and my expectations were severely low) but surely nothing great or all that interesting here. The end set up a sequel that will never happen. It reminded me JVCD's Cyborg (but that flick was better).

The Israeli film Japan Japan plays out more like an experimental film. I could without the hardcore homoerotica but I suppose it was necessary. Also the crazy edits were somewhat frustrating but I think there's a good story to be told in there but just not in the format it was presented.

Thanks to SpoutBlog for tipping me to Glen Hansard's role in The Commitments. I was unaware so it made for a more than pleasant re-watch of a film I hardly remember from my college days. My g/f at the time would play the OST like all the time that I came to resent the thought of this film and naturally repressed it. Glad to see it now; it's terrific.

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