Monday, March 30, 2009

Silent Fatality

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is so ridiculously bad I completely repressed nearly every thought of this poor excuse for a movie. A recent tweet linking to a mashup video on YouTube is what brought me back to this one, sad to say. When I watched the mashup I could recall none of the scenes (or most of the characters)! This despite having seen it in the theater upon release back in '97. So I suffered thru another viewing experience and realized why my mind hid this celluloid dung heap from my memory.

Since I have the wonderful The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection Vol. 1 in my possession courtesy of the third best library in the state of Illinois, I wanted to give Harold another go. Tonight I chose Girl Shy (1924) which I found to be more impressive than Safety Last! The introvert finally meets the right girl then spends the final arc preventing her from marrying the wrong man. It's in that final arc that all the best stunts take place. One thing to note about silent films: you really have to watch the movie to follow along. Unique for me since I'm always apt to reach for my iPhone or write these blog entries while something is playing. Not always but sometimes.

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