Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tramping in Atlantis

When Sean Penn's Into the Wild was released in 2007, nothing about it gave the desire to see it (despite all the critic fanfare). But having not seen it I grabbed it from the Quick Picks shelf knowing it was something I'd probably have to watch someday. Today was the today and I was deeply moved by the journey of Alexander Supertramp as he crisscrosses North America and encounters a variety of characters along the way (terrific supporting cast of actors). Made me wish I had done the same thing at his age. Shot beautifully it's definitely one worth seeing.

In my efforts to see all the Reg Park Hercules flicks from the 60s, I conquered Hercules and the Captive Women, which easily has the best production values I've seen of all the Herc flicks (3 so far) as Hercules is up against the Queen of Atlantis and her sinister plot to rule the world. This installment, released in 1961 and directed by Vittorio Cottafavi, isn't any better than the others yet the quality transfer and decent FX make it passable. Altho it does play like something you might've watched in your Greek Mythology class.

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