Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doubtless Humor in Silence

Meryl Streep is excellent in Doubt and her alone makes this a very good watch. Helps that Philip Seymour Hoffman and the entire supporting cast also excel. I love when actors are so good you forget who they are (as movie stars) and completely believe the story and characters as they unfold on screen.

When I watch early films like Safety Last! (from the The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection Vol. 1) I always try to imagine how the audience reacted upon seeing this when it was originally shown. According to the commentary the viewers were quite engaged and laughed at all the slapstick gags. Of course, it's a different perspective now viewing 86 years later. Not surprisingly still an entertaining watch and, most of all, the iconic clock scene at the end.

I wasn't expecting much from I Love You, Man yet I enjoyed this flick immensely and LOL several times. Rudd and Segel were both on their game. I've heard a few reviews that made the film sound satisfactory at best but it's so much better than that. The funniest moments are the most subtle and less intentional. Seeing the flick with in a packed theater also enhanced the humor. On par with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Probably one to own someday.

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