Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sandmanz: Lemme Caution You

Bloody Beach is a fairly decent K-Horror mystery flick and another variation on 10 Little Indians, i.e. the killer is among us. In this it's a group of Internet friends away on a beach vacation when the killing begins. Not bad but nothing to write home about.

Glad to have finally seen the much heralded animated feature Kung Fu Panda, a film worthy of its accolades. Besides the supreme animation the voice overs were quite good. Despite knowing the "voices" I wasn't taken out of the movie by recognizing the actors. Story was also good fun. Definitely one to own.

Alphaville is an experience not easy to describe. Lemmy Caution is the secret agent out to prevent Alpha 60 from taking over the world in an alternate reality set in the same time period of the 1960s. I suppose that's the easiest way to summarize in one sentence however it's so much more than that. The B&W presentation lends a noir quality in addition to the sleuthing by the protagonist. It's one that probably requires more than one viewing to fully absorb everything. It's also apparent how many sci-fi films have borrowed from this one. Anna Karina as Natacha is just dreamy.

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