Sunday, March 29, 2009

They Call Me Bruce?

My Name Is Bruce wasn't nearly as good as I wanted it to be. Campbell as "himself" was fun but that's really the 1-note of the entire film and grows tiresome as the film continues to ride out that note over and over. Not a terrible watch but not usual fun from a standard Campbell flick. Still love The Chin.

Død snø a.k.a. Dead Snow goes down as one of my favorite flicks of 2009. Finally a movie that does Nazi Zombies right. While not perfect it's damn close. There's one scene that made me angry (completely unnecessary kill) but otherwise I loved this movie. Looking forward to owning this someday and including for future movie night glory.

The Taste of Tea will not appeal to everyone's tastes (get it? LOLz) even those who generally appreciate Japanese film. And it's not the easiest film to describe (like trying to describe Survive Style 5+) but I liked the atypical structure and surreal aspects as well as Tadanobu Asano's supporting role, natch. Tatsuya Gashuin again steals every scene he's in with one comedic moment after another. Definitely weird definitely unique. Wish Anna Tsuchiya was given more to do here.

Mutant Chronicles is the kind of B-movie I gravitate towards; decent FX, big characters, big story and completely silly. Hilarious that 700 years into the future looks more like the 20th Century and Middle Ages combined (swords and guns). Give this one a win for putting both Thomas Jane and Sean Pertwee together. Adding Ron Perlman and Malkovich to the mix only solidifies its B-status. Recommended only for those that can appreciate the silliness that comes with these kinds of flicks along with all the overacting.

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