Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gore, Guns and Guitars

Adam Mason's The Devil's Chair is far from perfect as a bloody and brutal hardcore horror flick but its got some style. Maybe too much style in some places. I got the impression Andrew Howard was attempting his best Jason Statham impression (parts of the film was shot in the same manner like you might find in Crank or Snatch, to name a couple). There's a lag in the 2nd arc but the 3rd arc is when it gets crazy and that I liked a lot.

Meatball Machine is Japanese ultra-gore, sci-fi that borrows from Organ and lends to Tokyo Gore Police. Not bad not terrific totally watchable and yet completely silly. I only wished they used more realistic blood in these films.

Johnny Guitar was a Filmspotting recommendation and also only seen on the TCM channel (no DVD release). So I recorded thanks to the tweet reminders and watched when my work day finished. Damn, Joan Crawford plays a real mean bitch. Surprised? I began to wonder if that scowl was permanently affixed to her face. Real entertaining watch and gun play. Always like a man that wield guns and guitars with equal mastery.

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