Saturday, March 07, 2009

Only John Wayne FTW

Nana 2 is such a letdown coming off the awesome Nana both starring Mika Nakashima, who again rocks it here. Unfortunately the casting change of 3 primary characters including the other "Nana" really hurt this misguided sequel, esp. since most of this film deals with that other "Nana". This shojo adaptation could've been so much better. Too bad.

War Wolves is a flick made for TV (Sci-Fi Channel?) that has a clever title and decent premise (Iraq war vets get inflicted w/the werewolf curse and return to America). But sadly those are the only two things good about it. The execution is laughable and overall it's a awful film. Not the good kind of awful. Avoid.

I watched John Ford's The Searchers per Filmspotting's Top 5 abduction film recommendations. Considered one of the top films of all time there's no question as to why; all the performances are great and John Wayne is so much fun to watch in every scene. "You speak good American... for a Comanche."

Hulk Vs. Wolverine is the second animated film in the recent Hulk Vs. animated release. I think it's worse than the Vs. Thor film. With each of these Marvel animated direct-to-DVD releases, I grow more weary of the revisionism of the fine history they established before I stopped reading Marvel Comics. Hulk Vs. is a sad reminder why I stopped reading Marvel.

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