Sunday, October 18, 2009

Activating the Paranormal

Very, very happy I squeezed in Paranormal Activity before the Bears game. Damn, I loved this movie and the experience of seeing it in a rather full theater. It's more about the experience than the film (if you want to call it a film). It's home footage sewn together that tells the tale of a ghost that appears to haunting a young couple in their San Diego home. It's effective and fun. Scary, no but entertaining. Must be seen w/a good crowd of people to truly enjoy its full effect.

After the Bears game I finally threw in my blu-ray of Trick 'r Treat. Haven't seen this since the Terror In Aisle 2 event in August. Still holds up and still super fun. But more apparent how short it is. Wish it was longer or a sequel was coming.

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