Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dynamite! Brigitte Bardot is Hot

Went out to Streets of Woodfield (after a driving mishap) and made it into a matinee of Black Dynamite a few minutes after it started. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. As Roger Ebert quipped, hella more enjoyable if you've seen several blaxploitation films. As long as you're familiar w/the genre you dig this. Ya dig? Can't wait to get this one into a future movie night. Maybe Michael Jai White's best role evar!

Had to watch The Legend of Frenchie King (a.k.a. Les pétroleuses) on VHS (thx Library!) since it's not available on DVD (never made available domestically actually). Too bad. Would love to have a nice transfer of this film. Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale are gorgeous. Not a great movie but fun, lite fare that beckons for a sequel (let's see that B&W girl gang in action!).

All I will say about The Mummy Returns is that it is definitely better than The Mummy. The CG is just cartoon-ish but more enjoyable. Blu-ray looks very nice.

Still await I fell into a viewing of Boris Karloff's The Walking Dead on TCM. This 1936 gem is excellent. Really. Karloff has one of the sickest stares in horror. I watched the short film The Wrong Way Out (1938) after that. Very exciting public service warning film about the dangers of being a teenager and running away from home. From imdb: "Two young people get married and run away, even though their parents advise them to build up their savings first. After they get settled they can barely make ends meet. When opportunity suddenly presents itself, they start on a downward spiral of crime." Hilarious!

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