Friday, October 23, 2009

Grinding The Gorehouse

Picked up another cheapy horror set called "Gorehouse Greats Collection" that features 12 films. Typically these are public domain films w/poor transfers but occasionally you'll find a few gems in these budget sets. Watched the first disc that featured Blood of Dracula's Castle, a very poor quality transfer of a fairly bad 1969 horror film. Wasn't terrible tho and I could see this being remade into something pretty good (has a suitable plot).

After that was Blood Mania, 1970 release from Crown International, and it's not so much horror or gore as it's just softcore semi-exploitation suspense grindhouse flick. Not great but plenty of gratuitous nudity and attractive leads. Particularly the main lead Maria De Aragon is effective and effectively hot. Strangely enough she went on to play Greedo in Star Wars. WTF? Oh yeah the transfer for this is excellent making it all the more pleasurable to watch.

Look for Maria De Aragon at the 0:38 mark... way sexy & psychotic in this role.

Loaded up Fukasuka's Sympathy for the Underdog, which is another fine yakuza film but set in Okinawa, featuring a terrific character by Tomisaburo Wakayama (Lone Wolf & Cub).

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