Saturday, October 24, 2009

Assisting the Vampires

Ventured out for the afternoon matinee of Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. After Friday's dismal returns I expected a fairly empty theater yet it was quite full. Slow burn of a film and a strange one at that. But enjoyable. Glad they didn't attempt to cram the entire 11 book series into one film and left it open for a sequel (really, Vampire Mountain is the best material within the book series). I was okay w/the liberties taken in the bigscreen adaptation but wasn't keen on the Crepsley romance w/Madame Truska, which never came close to occurring the books. Wasn't crazy about either of the two kid leads (portrayed older in the film). But still very watchable w/some nice moments. Crowd dug it.

Filled the evening with more Crown International substandard horror thrillers from that cheapy collection (I so love cheapy collections loaded w/bad films). The Devil's Hand (1962) was up first; not terrible voodoo cult worship flick. Very watchable w/more attractive women.

Followed that with The Madmen of Mandoras from 1963. 5 words: Hitler's Head in a jar. That was the only thing that made this worth watching. But it's damn glorious. The subtitle is "They Saved Hitler's Brain" but it's really his whole damn head! Watching that head ride in the backseat in a car was so great. Sadly the Hitler head isn't shown in this trailer:

Next was Satan's Slave, which is a very okay Satan Worship slash Puritan jump flick from '76 w/a few sexy (nude) bodies. I would totally watch it again. Candace Glendenning is super fine.

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