Friday, October 16, 2009

Wild Things, I Think I Love You

Almost a game time decision I took in the late screening of Where The Wild Things Are at Showcase 12. In seat 10 minutes early and was only person in the theater! A few more people came in but even more shocking were the 2 couples that left the viewing halfway thru. WTF?! You paid $10/ticket and walk out? I guess some people only want bullshit mainstream garbage. As for WTWTA, I really dug it yet lack the words to articulate. Damn amazing. Maybe the biggest budget "art" flick to date.

Came home to decompress w/Sleepaway Camp, a 1983 spin on the campground slasher flick. Pretty darn good flick that nails the summer camp experience (I did nearly all the same gags during my summer camp adventure). The only thing that gets me is that despite all the kids getting killed, the camp remains open. Highly unlikely.

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