Saturday, October 03, 2009

Those Blooming Zombies

First up, 1952's Scandal Sheet where a newspaper editor commits murder then later sends his best reporter to investigate. Plenty of great tension.

Followed that with Zombieland at the theater. Hot damn is this a funny take on the zombies-takeover-the-world trope. Loved it and laughed often. It was almost as if it was a continuation of Adventureland only with zombies and humor. Woody Harrelson was par excellence. Jesse Eisenberg was, well, the same character in Adventureland. Emma Stone was unnaturally hot.

Came home and finished The Window. 1949 noir re-telling of "the boy who cried wolf" only in this case the kid witnesses a murder and no one believes him. Another tension filled crime drama that would give me nightmares if I watched as a child.

Fired up The Brothers Bloom, a wonderful film about con-artist brothers written & directed by Rian Johnson (of Brick fame). Lots to love about this film; shot well, excellent acting, involved story, etc. Finally a film where I didn't dislike Rachel Weisz. Seriously loved Rinko Kikuchi's Bang Bang the most. She was like the glue for the entire film. The behind the scenes featurette was also terrific. Would love to listen to the commentary someday.

Capped the evening with an under-appreciated classic Timecop starring none other than JCVD. Yes, even I am surprised that I haven't seen this before. Shocked that there are so many anomalies with the constant time travel. Also amazed at how well time travel is perfected by 2004! And didn't realize Mia Sara was in this (she of Ferris Bueller fame); always crushed on her.

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