Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Godfather Part II

Again, woke up at 4AM so took on the daunting The Godfather Part II (daunting b/c it's so damn long; has "intermission"). Still trying to decide which film I enjoy more, Part I or Part II. Both are so amazing for different reasons. I have decided that Bob Duvall is the glue that holds these together. But really loved DeNiro in this. Wish he was in it more.

A really tight pre-code (1933) gem I captured on TCM rounded the evening: Mystery of the Wax Museum, co-starring the delightful Fay Wray (looking mesmerizing as ever). The story has been (sorta) re-done, i.e. making people into wax but still would like to see a modern take on this exact story. I think it would be even more frightening.

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