Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bringing It to the Nines

First up was a matinee for 9, the new Shane Acker directed, Tim Burton produced feature animated film. I dug the hell out of this movie for it's visual style but the plot was one we've all see before and rather a vehicle to show-off the incredible graphics. Delicious to watch. Look forward to the Blu.

Thanks to my library network, I was able to view the now out-of-print Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, featuring the terrific tag-team of Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges in this 1974 road/crime flick. Everything about this film is just excellent and what I gravitate towards. Hope this gets a proper release someday.

Re-watched Bring It On in my attempt to watch all installments of this film (there are 3 sequels?! really?). Still holds up and, wow, are Dunst & Dushku sexy in their younger days (not that they aren't now but they def had sex appeal as they matured).


Adam Dorfman said...

bring it on is totally one of those movies that if it's on tv when i'm surfing, i'm watching it.

sleestakk said...

yeah BIO is a cool flick but t/sequels not so much. discovered there are 4 sequels! still need to watch 2 of 'em.