Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too Close For Comfort

Truly beautiful take on Jack the Ripper is The Lodger (1944). Laird Cregar is menacing and I love that [SPOILER] he (Mr. Slade) still tries to Kitty even after being wounded and chased by the police. Oh, and Merle Oberon is hot.

My new PS3 dropped today so I hooked it up and spun Close Encounters of the Third Kind Blu Ray to officially launch my new console. Indeed, the transfer is amazing. So crisp for a 32 year old film. Looks so good. Upon this viewing, however, I realized that now I enjoy the first of the film more than the second (when I was a child it was the other way around). The Devils Tower is a bit too schmaltzy, IMO. The human drama and discovery is where it's at. Still an excellent watch.

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