Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dead Bodies Hit The Floor

Got up to do the early morning matinee of Jennifer's Body, famous for starring Megan Fox and being penned by Diablo Cody. Both aspect obviously apparent and unfortunately hurt this movie which could've been very good rather than just okay. I enjoyed it but man did they try too hard to make it clever rather than just letting it happen naturally w/o the excessive pop-culture dialog. That dialog is why I didn't like Juno and why this flick is just okay. and I really hated the wikipedia line. SO FUCKING UNNECESSARY. and stupid.

Pulled a neck muscle simply by stretching during the film so nap & chores the rest of the day until re-hooking up my modem/router to get a better connection for my Xbox to test the Nexflix Instant Streaming (my home wi-fi has been sucking balls for a while). So I hardwired the Xbox and fired up The Siege of Firebase Gloria. Not available on DVD and recently screened at Cinemapocalypse, been killing to see this one. But couldn't do on the computer (hate watching movies on computers). So finally in the bag and it is as awesome as advertised. (my connection still sucks even hardwired... wondering if it's my router now)

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