Saturday, September 05, 2009

Glorious Sun

Carved into my weekend a screening of Inglourious Basterds. Goes without saying what an amazing film this is and the mark Quentin Tarantino continues to leave in modern film. So many nice touches and sendups to classic movies that influenced him. Will try to see again in the theater. That good.

Don't know why I decided to watch all the installments of the Bring It On flicks but I've committed to it. First one I got was Bring It on Again (which is the sequel to the original, I guess). And it's dreadful. I've seen the first and I remember it being decent but not surprised they couldn't maintain that.

Watching Sunshine now. Follow up: was way fucking cool however the 3rd act just lost me. I knew this going in as it's always been a major criticism but yeah: WTF. But first 2 acts so incredible and moving. Want the blu.

Decided on another: Charlie Bartlett, which might have been more interesting to me in the mid-90s. But just wasn't into it. I have a feeling this was made just before Robert Downey Jr's resurgence. he's useless here.

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