Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get Away to Camp Crystal Lake

late start to day had Friday the 13th Uncut Blu Ray up first. Still grainy but nice transfer (not great but better than DVD). Really holds up well not surprisingly. Solid slasher and maybe still one of the best from American slasher period.

Evening was pleasantly filled with Peckinpah's The Getaway (1972) on Blu-Ray; stunning transfer for yet another excellent film. McQueen/MacGraw make a good combo. Sally Struthers great in supporting cast. Really nice looking film on Blu... esp. for nearly 40yrs old.

Finished the night w/the Drive in Double Feature disc featuring two b-movies from 1979: Search and Destroy (starring a b-film fave Perry King) & The Glove: Lethal Terminator (featuring yet another fave actor John Saxon!). Nothing particularly great about these but for me I dig the 70's vibe. Liked Search & Destroy a little more than then The Glove, which I didn't quite get the main point. The Drive In disc is pretty cool b/c it features the original drive-in concessions advertising as well as trailers for other b-movies before each film! So great.

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