Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bad Comes in Threes

Norman Taurog's Please Believe Me (1950) is a competent romantic farce about an attractive women (Deborah Kerr) being courted by three men after her recent new found wealth. Cute.

A much better set of three comes in the form of Tod Browning's silent film The Unholy Three (1925) featuring unrivaled Lon Chaney as the primary con-artist Echo. Echo, along with a strongman and midget (Harry Earles) ultimately commit a heinous crime and place blame on an innocent. This was later remade in 1930 as a talkie only months before Chaney died. This is such an amazing & haunting film. Plus I'm a sucker for any film that has ties to the circus sideshow. Absolutely love this film!
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