Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Batman

Equilibrium is so star-studded it's a small mystery why it was given a limited release to theaters (I guess the critics hated it). And it's debatable how much "star power" these actors had at that time. Christian Bale was coming off American Psycho and Reign of Fire while Sean Bean was getting a lot of face time in Lord of the Rings. Taye Diggs and Emily Watson also star... so, okay maybe it's not that star-studded but this flick has gotten such a cult following and deservedly so. The gunplay is excellent with an entirely unique take (after "bullet time" became popularized from The Matrix). Overall it's a worthy watch even if it's hard to fully believe that human emotions can suppressed. Not surprising that Wimmer's next feature was Ultraviolet, which shares a lot of the same look and feel.

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